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The Goalkeeper Game
Soccer Mathematics Cognition


To choose where to stand or jump in face of a penalty kick is one of the biggest challenges faced by a goalkeeper. The position of the striker and his shooting history matter for the goalkeeper to stop penalty kicks. This "goalkeeper dilemma" turned out to be the basis for the development of a game by the NeuroMat team, a research center hosted at the University of São Paulo (USP). This game deals directly with how the human brain recognizes standards and operates.

The "Goalkeeper Game" has three levels, in which the player takes the role of the goalkeeper and must decide where the soccer player will hit a penalty. More than a matter of luck, the player will be able to identify standards in the behavior of the hitter and defend more penalties in a short time, thus moving forward in the game. If you work with education and want to use the game as a teaching tool, contact NeuroMat at

Students and teachers may use the game to study content pertaining to statistics and probability in a more appealing way, either in elementary or in high school.